A Bank of America customer went to the ATM on Sunday night and got a huge surprise. The ATM was spitting out $100’s and not the money the customer asked for. The customer posted about it on social media and you can guess what happened next.

Soon enough, a line formed and people were getting into scuffles over who would be next to withdraw the $100’s

North Harris County in Houston, Texas was abuzz over the free money. The excitement went on for about 2 hours until a trooper was alerted and shut down the area around the ATM.

Bank of America released a statement saying the person who filled the ATM with money put the $100’s in the wrong spot within the machine. It was reported that it was in the $10 spot in the machine.

They predicted the people would have to return the money but that wasn’t the case:

Can you legally keep the extra money an ATM spits out becaise of a malfunction? Harris County Sheriff's Office says… ON TV: KPRC2 / Click2Houston at 5p

Posted by KPRC2 Joel Eisenbaum on Monday, November 26, 2018

The people who received the $100 dollar bills will get to keep them…

That’s a shocker!


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