We recently reported on Texas governor Greg Abbott’s bold and very Constitutional decision to rescind all Wuhan CCP Virus mandate restrictions in Texas–including masks, which took effect last week.  Not every business agrees with the governor.

It is also well-known that Bank of America is a woke cesspool that is working against a constitutional America while being backed for major losses by the Federal Government, like all major banks.

Banks monetize their gains while socializing their losses via the Federal Deposit Insuance Corporation.   They also get inexplicable multi-billion dollar bail-outs when they make billions or trillions of dollars in bad loans and investments for decades.

Given all of this, is it really fair or even accurate to label such an organization as a private entity?

Well, Galveston, Texas law enforcement sure thinks so.

After the Texas mandates had been lifted for over a day, a 65 year-old woman was forced to the ground and arrested for not wearing a mask in a Bank of America.  The bank branch, which is considered a private business, claims that it has the right to mandate masks within its building because it is a private business.  Do you think banks like Bank of America are acting in their customer’s or America’s best interest?

Decide for yourself.

In the video, below, an officer’s bodycam shows him forcefully arresting a woman in the bank because she is not wearing a mask after being called by the staff.  Because she does not put on a mask, which is in the spirit of the governor’s order, she is forced to the ground by the officer and cuffed:

Does this make you question whether you want to support this bank in the future?

Do you support this police officer or the policy of police to respond to such frivolous calls?

Do you support the woman?

Do you agree with the onlookers in the video who state that they believe this is not police brutality?

These questions and their answers will have real consequences.   And, we will all face them as we move forward.

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