Barack Obama attended game two of the NBA finals where the Toronto Raptors hosted the Golden State Warriors. When his face appeared on the screen of the Megatron, the crowd cheered loudly and fans can be seen standing. For a brief moment, the former president got a sense of what it feels like every time President Trump enters one of his massive rallies in cities across America. With the full force of the media behind him, Barack Obama never managed to attract the kind of support from Americans that President Trump sees at every single rally stop. When Barack campaigned for Hillary, he barely drew hundreds to hear him speak.

There’s one big difference between the standing ovations President Trump receives on a regular basis and the Barack Obama received at game two of the NBA finals—Obama got his standing ovation in a foreign country. Foreigners from Socialist and far-left countries still adore the former president.

The Raptors were playing the anti-Trump team, the Golden State Warriors at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

Last year, after the petulant Warriors team won the NBA championship, they skipped a visit to the White House to meet with President Trump and opted instead for a private meeting with former President Barack Obama.

Here’s Barack Obama getting an ovation in front a crowd of foreigners in one of Canada’s most liberal cities:

Barack Obama was seen seated next to NBA commissioner Adam Silver who told TMZ in May 2019,  that he will not stand in the way of NBA players boycotting President Trump.

The NBA will NEVER make its employees play nice with Donald Trump … that’s according to league commissioner Adam Silver, who says if teams want to skip the White House, it’s their prerogative.

No NBA champion has visited Donald Trump since he’s occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., with last year’s Warriors actually opting to visit Barack Obama instead of the sitting Prez.

It’s been quite the controversy, with many people suggesting players from all sports should put patriotism over politics and go to the White House. Some think the leagues should compel the players to go.

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Singer Kaya Jones tweeted about how odd it is that VP Pence just left a meeting in Canada with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and now Trudeau’s bestie, Barack Obama showed up for a basketball game. Is it a coincidence that Barack follows Trump and his VP around to countries where they just recently met with their leaders? Kaya Jones asked, “When’s the last time BHO watched a basketball game in America?

Upon entering the arena, the former president ran/wannabe celebrity, ran into and greeted Canadian singer Drake.

Drake was caught on video groping and kissing a 17-year-old girl on stage. After she told him how she was, he told her he liked the way her breasts felt against him, and the crowd cheered.

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