Barbra Streisand was an Obama sycophant and one of the corrupt Clinton’s most loyal fans. She is also part of the Hollywood liberal “resistance” movement. Much like Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Griffin, and literally hundreds of overpaid celebrities, Barbara Streisand is obsessed with tweeting about how much she hates President Trump. It’s Streisand’s latest tweet that has conservatives calling her out for her complete and utter “stupidity”.

Streisand tweeted:

“Collusion or no collusion, @realDonaldTrump should be impeached for sheer stupidity.”

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Twitter users wasted no time DESTROYING the “has been” entertainer.

This tweet suggested her music and acting awards should be recalled due to the “sheer stupidity” of the recipient.

Dan Bongino suggested that talent aside, Streisand should be mocked for failing constitutional basics 101.

“Mike” truly schooled Streisand when he explained to her, “You can’t impeach a President, because of your feelings, Barbra.”

Barbra got destroyed in one powerful image reminding her that “Impeachment requires an actual crime…”

OUCH! “Rita” replied to Barbra that she used to be a fan, but no more. She even took it a step further, and let Barbra know that she was now on her “boycott list!!!”

Finally, this Twitter user refers to Barbra Streisand as a “has been” vs the President.

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