Americans have been watching cops standing down while Trump supporters have been bloodied by violent Democrats for over a year now. These globalist Democrats come from different backgrounds, some refer to themselves as “Antifa,” many are paid by radical organization funded by George Soros and encouraged by radicals like Barack Obama and his inner circle, but they all have one thing in common; they want to take down President Donald Trump and are using violence against his supporters. Like common terrorists, they hide behind masks or bandanas and use fear as a tool against their enemies. They run in packs and attack individuals. They carry cans of pepper spray, and like we saw in Berkeley, CA over the weekend, they spray it in the faces of women and senior citizens.


They work in large packs to attack lone peaceful Trump supporters or small groups they can overwhelm with violent tactics. They chase them down like dogs and once they knock them to the ground, they jump on them or simply kick them until they are lifeless. That all changed this weekend in Berkeley, when one man decided to fight back. That one man has become a legend of sorts for many on the right who are sick and tired of watching innocent people’s skulls get cracked open by violent Democrats. We’re not advocating violence against anyone, we are simply pointing out how this man shocked the left when he actually fought back against these violent Democrats and likely prevented a lot of innocent people from being harmed even further by these hateful people who refuse to respect our form of government.

based stick man

Here is “Base Stick-Man’s” speech to other Trump supporters explaining why he’s wearing a gas mask and carrying a stick with an American flag attached to the top. ***Language warning***

Here’s a short video showing “Base Stick Man” in action, as he defends his fellow Trump supporters who were being attack by a large mob of violent Democrats:

The local news station confirmed that the police allowed violent Democrats to attack peaceful Trump supporters and confirmed that Trump supporters who were part of a planned March 4 Trump nationwide rally were seriously outnumbered:

Here’s how “Base Stick Man” is being celebrated for protecting his fellow Trump supporters in Berkeley on social media:

This Tweet portraying “Base Stick Man” as a super-hero got over 1,000 likes:

“Base Stick Man” whose real name is Kyle Chapman is out on bail after being arrested. He asked for and got support from fellow Americans to help pay his legal fees.

It’s amazing that Kyle was arrested given the hands off approach of the Berkeley police. Watch as violent Democrats taunt and attack peaceful Trump supporters while police watch while doing nothing to deescalate the situation:

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