Liberal New Yorkers are quick to offer a million reasons why American citizens should have their Second Amendment Right stripped away. Perhaps if they were on the subway when a bat-wielding homeless man began threatening them for accidentally brushing up against their bags, they might think twice about a citizen’s right to defend themselves against would-be criminals.

According to the New York Post -The target of the would-be slugger’s rage turned out to be an armed ex-NYPD cop, who pulled a revolver to keep the vagrant at bay — then chased him out of a station and into the arms of officers, police sources told The Post.

The stunning showdown unfolded on a southbound G train just before 7 a.m. Wednesday, when Brian Baska accused David Morales of bumping into him with a large backpack while boarding at the Greenpoint Avenue station, sources said.

That’s when Morales — a retired NYPD detective with 28 years on the job — pulled out his snub-nosed firearm.

Problem solved.

“You’re gonna hit me with a f–king bat?” the 54-year-old can be heard saying on a video of the incident, which was posted to the popular Instagram page SubwayCreatures on Thursday.

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“Stay where you’re at,” Morales repeats. “Stay where you’re at.”


As the confrontation unfolds, you can see the man in the suit who’s witnessing the crime, walk to the back of the subway car. It’s pretty safe to say; he was grateful to hear the man with the gun is a police officer who’s been trained on how to deal with these situations.

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