“I think the point at which we can have a reasonable conversation about this is long gone.” – Gun Rights Activist Colion Noir

Virginia’s anti-gun governor wants the entire package of gun control bills fast-tracked for passage in the first week of this brief session in the new year.

Attorney and gun rights activist Colion Noir spoke with Fox News’ Pete Hegseth about gun control in Virginia:

Virginia is facing a government and attorney general who are chipping away at the right to bear arms:

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The woman in the video below delivers a warning to the rogue Virginia government in a passionate speech that reminds us we have every right to be armed. We also have every right to resist efforts to disarm us.

Yvette Bronx discusses the tyranny Virginians are facing in a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County hearing:

This woman is fantastic!

She should run for office! She gets it!

The Washington Free Beacon reported on the anti-gun stance in the state of Virginia:

“Gov. Northam and the rest of Virginia’s anti-gun politicians’ idea of a compromise is to threaten hundreds of thousands of Virginians with felonies unless they submit to government control,” Catherine Mortensen, a National Rifle Association spokesperson, told the Free Beacon. “The NRA will stand with the Commonwealth’s law-abiding gun owners in solidarity to oppose gun bans, confiscations, and registrations.”


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