The more the Democrats and their allies in the media attempt to discredit President Trump, the more they expose the truth about their own willingness to look away from the crimes committed by the Democrats. The more the American people see how far the media is willing to go to shut down the truth, the less they are going to believe anything they report. Something tells us the media is about to be very sorry they played with fire…

John McLaughlin, CEO of McLaughlin & Associates and Trump for President 2016 Campaign Pollster, has his interview abruptly cut short as he points out there are no facts in evidence of any Trump Campaign/Russian collusion in the 2016 election and that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have taken in vast sums of money from Russia, much more than Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn could ever.


Below are articles provided by John McLaughlin verifying his arguments:

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Via: McLaughlin online


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