This afternoon, during her press conference, Trump’s newly ordained press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, was asked about why the stockpile of N95 masks was so low when the coronavirus hit the United States. Of course, the media was attempting to prove that it was President Trump’s incompetence in preparing for a pandemic, that led to the deficiency in the number of masks in the federal reserve.

Kayleigh was asked if, at any point during the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, that anyone from the Obama administration warned about the depletion of the stockpile of N95 masks?

Without any warning, McEnany kneecapped the media. “Not to my knowledge,” she responded. “To my knowledge, the two things the Obama administration warned about were North Korea and Michael Flynn. McEnany wasn’t finished, as she landed a final blow to the Obama fan club sitting in the White House press pool, “What I do know is this, the Obama administration was not throwing ventilators into the stockpile, they were unmasking General Michael Flynn, in the waning days of the Obama administration.”

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Here’s another reporter foolishly attempting to ask the same question, hoping for a different result.

“How come in January 2020, the stockpile was as low as it was on supplies like on these masks, like N95’s?

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“Yeah, that’s a really good question,—it’s a really important question,” McEnany replied. “Perhaps I should redirect your question to Obama, who left the stockpile empty,” as she cited a USA Today fact check on the stockpile left behind by the Obama regime, “He left the cupboards bare, as the president [Trump] noted.”


Everyone who worried that McEnany might not be able to handle the media the way Sarah Huckabee Sanders handled them, can rest easy. She’s got this…

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