Fist Lady Melania Trump hosted military moms at the White House on Friday. She gave a heartwarming and heartfelt speech about what it means to be a mother. She’s beautiful inside and out!

Notice how President Trump looks on lovingly and proudly. The First Lady speaks with empathy about how hard it must be for them to send their military son or daughter to fight for America:

“Thank you for all that you do, for your selflessness and for your own sacrifice on behalf of our country” – First Lady Melania Trump

She does a great job!

In honor of Mother’s Day, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed active-duty troops, their spouses and mothers to the White House, today.

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“As commander in chief of the United States, my supreme duty is to protect our citizens and that means supporting our servicemen and women,” the president said. “That obligation begins the first day they put on the uniform and continues every day after, when they return to civilian life as veterans.”

Trump said he would make sure the nation always takes care of its soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and the members of the Coast Guard.

“To every military service member, mother and spouse here today, I want you to know you have my complete and total support … [and] the White House, this administration and this government stands fully behind you,” the president said.

Moms Are Heroes, Too

“As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, this is one of many opportunities for us to thank the incredible military mothers who love and care for our nation’s heroes,” Trump said.

“The mothers are heroes, too. It is your sacrifice that protects our nation, safeguards our liberties and makes sure our beautiful American flag always waves proudly above our very glorious land,” he said to the military mothers in the audience.

The president introduced First Lady Melania Trump, who said she was honored by the military members’ presence as the nation celebrates National Military Appreciation Month and Mother’s Day.

Title That Claims The Heart

“As everyone in this room knows, mother is a title that claims your heart and changes your life forever,” the first lady said. “In fact, it has been said that having a child means allowing your heart to walk around outside of your body. For the mothers of someone who has, or is, serving our country, this must be especially true.”

Noting that while she, too, is a mother, Melania Trump said she does not know of the many different challenges that come with being the parent of a service member.

Part Of A Community

“While you stand with many other parents, so strong and so proud, I am sure that you sometimes march on this journey alone,” the first lady said, adding, “While your sons and daughters are away serving so selflessly, having a community share even some of that burden must make all the difference in the world.”

Melania Trump told the mothers in the audience they are part of a community, and the White House is proud to be a part of it with them.

“Thank you for all that you do, for your selflessness and for your own sacrifice on behalf of our country,” she said.

“Let today’s celebration with this community of strong and selfless moms be a first step in building relationships,” the first lady said, “and in your knowing, that my husband and I, along with … everyone here at the White House, hold you close in our hearts and thoughts each and every day.”

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