Megyn Kelly started out like a shooting star as an anchor on FOX News but is now crashing down in so many ways. Here’s the latest epic failure…


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She’s been out hawking her new book all over the place but the people just aren’t buyin’ it. What’s even better is they’re totally ripping her in the Amazon reviews and giving her one out of five stars (see below).

We’d like to say that a big dose of karma has hit Ms. Kelly and we can’t think of a more deserving person.

She literally used her position against Donald Trump to promote her book and career. Who knows if her accusations that Donald Trump screamed at her are true. How can he defend himself from the horrible things she’s said about him?

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We think his supporters have done a great job of helping him out. Amazon is on fire with one star reviews for Kelly. We think she should rename her book “Settle for More” to “Settle for One Star”…



“Real, Raw”…Gimme a Break!

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