Aviapartner CEO had harsh words for the police union who warns of ISIS sympathizers working at the airport in the baggage area. He was outraged at the statements of the airport police, who warned of at least 50 IS sympathizers still working at the Brussels Airport. According to him, the police unions warnings are “racist” and “evidence of an unacceptable extremism”.

His company, which specializes in airport logistics, indeed more than two thirds immigrant employees, especially at the baggage personnel.“These are serious, hardworking people who do their best to integrate,” Levaux said in the newspaper.  “Most Belgians are otherwise unwilling to perform the job of baggist,” sounds.

As many as 50 ISIS supporters have infiltrated the same Brussels airport where terror attacks occurred last month, working as cleaners, caterers and baggage handlers and positioning themselves for new attacks, the Belgian police union warned in an open letter to the government.

“Even today, there are at least 50 supporters of ISIS who work at the airport,” read the letter from union secretary Alain Peeters to the Belgian Interior Ministry and reported by the Daily Mail. “They have a security badge and have access to the cockpit of a plane.”

Brussels Airport, also known as Brussels-Zaventem Airport, handles more than 23 million passengers per year in the European Union capital. It is still shut down following the March 22 bombings, in which three Islamists fanatics set off suitcase bombs in attacks coordinated with a metro bombing just over an hour later. Some 35 innocent people were killed, and at least one bomber from the airport remains at large. Via: FOX News


Annual examination of the National Security Authority (NRC) security risks of 25,000 employees in companies and the airport of Zaventem. 99 percent is transmitted after a screening process. On Wednesday, militants aviation police wrote an open letter, describing a lot of rotten apples in which are known for ‘serious criminal offenses’.

They would, according to the open letter have helped the terrorists to evade airport security procedures. Hence, the airport police demands a systematic screening of anyone who wants to enter the airport building, a requirement which the government does not want to go along with.

Potential employees for sensitive areas of the airport first undergo a “security check”. The services of the National Security Authority (NRC), thereby investigate or prevent a candidate in a database. She is responsible for staff of the airport, but also that of nuclear power plants. Via: Brussels nieuws.com

Well that’s comforting…


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