In an interview on Fox News, former presidential candidate, former head of the Housing and Urban Development, and world-renowned neurosurgeon, Ben Carson he logically laid out all of the problems with Critical Race Theory being taught in schools today.  He also bemoaned all the foreign boogeymen that are, on some level merely scapegoats for the fact that American’s are simply allowing these things to happen from within rather than fighting back.

“Critical Race Theory is a deliberate means to sow division and cripple our nation from within–one brainwashed and resentful student at time.  And while foreign adversaries like China and Russia surely work to enflame our divisions,” said Carson.  “We are doing this to ourselves.”

Ben Carson, undeniably a genius and former leader in his field, grew up with the odds stacked against him and succeeded brilliantly.  He believes other must have that same chance, but do not due to all of the dehumanizing and demoralizing mandates implemented since early 2020 as well as Critical Race Theory (CRT).

“You know, first of all, your making young children grow up through socialization process where they can’t see people’s facial expression. that is very important,” said Carson of mask mandates. “Then you’re teaching them if they’re white kids that they’re bad people.  You teach them if they’re black kids that they’re victims and that somebody else has created their problem.  Can you imagine the irreparable damage that does to a person as they try to develop their self-image?”

Carson also challenged people to stand up for themselves and not wither on the vine and coalesce around group think:

“Completely the opposite of what this country is supposed to be about…It is time for us logical people to stand up…It is going to take courage…Let them tell you they’ve got something on you.  It doesn’t matter.  Go ahead and stand up for what’s right.”  

He also admonished his listeners that coalescing around tyranny because it is easy is antithetical to the American and human spirit and that Americans must all stand strong and keep the faith if we are to win this fight:

“This is antithetical to the concept of liberty, the very thing that people came to this country for in the first place…We’re going to lose it if we don’t fight for it every day.” Said Carson.  And, in order to ensure a victory and personal strength

“Keep the faith…Pray…One nation under God.”

It is truly inspiring to know people like Ben Carson are on the same ideological page as the conservative movement.  In moments of doubt, people of such integrity and intellect can often help remind us we are all fighting for the right cause and a better America, tomorrow.

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