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Ben & Jerry’s Makes Plea On Social Media To “DEFUND THE POLICE”…What About Times Ben & Jerry Stores Called Cops To Report Crimes In Their Stores?

By Patty McMurray | Apr 16, 2021

Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t hide their radical far-left views. In fact, the company founded by two multi-millionaires embraces their radical views as they market their over-priced product to a mostly anti-capitalist crowd.

Ben & Jerry’s flavors like pecan “Resist” rely on radical activists/artists like Faviana Rodriguez, who created the artwork for the front of the carton of overpriced dairy.

The Ben & Jerry’s website had this to say about her vision for the pecan “Resist” flavor:

“We can peacefully resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies and build a future that values inclusivity, equality, and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants.”

The Ben & Jerry’s “Resist” flavor is no longer available on the website. Apparently, now that the confused Joe Biden is occupying the White House, there is no longer any need to “Resist.” It’s time now to sit back and watch our country turn into the Socialist utopia that Venezuala has enjoyed for the past several years.

Ben & Jerry’s made a clear show of support for Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for President when they created the “Bernie’s Yearning” flavor, with an endorsement for the Socialist candidate, calling him “the only presidential candidate who has offered solutions that will actually fix the problems.”

Then, there’s the tip to the violent Black Lives Matter movement with the “Empower Mint” flavor endorsed by the NAACP.

And what respectable Communist ice cream company would take a pass on calling out the injustices of the freest and most equitable country in the world? Behold, Ben & Jerry’s “Justice Remixed” flavor, another overpriced product for those in America who are too stupid to understand they live in the most free, fair, and just country in the world.

Ben & Jerry’s, who continue to enjoy watching their profits grow, as ignorant Americans purchase their overpriced products, is now promoting a new cause…

The defunding of our brave law enforcement officers.

So, what about the arrest of 26-year-old Ibrahim Garelnabi, who broke into their Burlington, VT Ben & Jerry store?

The police arrested him on June 24, 2020. Did Ben & Jerry’s call their Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders when they discovered their store had been broken into?

Garelnabi was arrested two months later in a road rage event. The arrest of Garelnabi was met with a tense confrontation between Black Lives Matter protesters and police outside the Burlington Police Department. The group questioned the acting chief after the arrest of a Black man.

The arrest took place on College Street around 6 p.m. Protesters left the police station to film the arrest as Garelnabi was being put in handcuffs.

WCAX ran a full story on the protesters, but the dishonest media outlet failed to mention the black man who was arrested was caught breaking into the Ben & Jerry’s store.

A Twitter user pointed out that Ben & Jerry’s has no problem calling the police that they want to see “defunded” when a crime has been committed that affects their company:

You can’t fix stupid…but you certainly can stop buying their products.


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