Wow! If you heard Glen Dogherty’s sister tonight on Megyn Kelly, you had to think Kate Quigley is one incredible person. Would you be as forgiving? After all, Hillary Clinton told Quigley that she should feel sorry for the Libyan people just as Quigley’s brother was bought to Andrew’s Air Force Base in a coffin. Now Bill Clinton has shown the same insensitivity regarding Benghazi:

Kate Quigley, sister of Benghazi victim Glen Doherty, joined Megyn Kelly tonight to react to Bill Clinton saying that he was amazed what his wife was “put through” when she had to answer hours of questions from the Benghazi Select Committee.

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“The insensitivity of that comment is shocking,” Quigley said. “But clearly misguided sympathy runs in the family.”

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Quigley explained that when her brother’s coffin was brought to Andrews Air Force Base, she met Clinton and was told that her family should feel sorry for the Libyan people.

“Clearly, they have it all wrong,” Quigley said, adding that Clinton clearly came in that day with a script and an agenda. “It just blows my mind that she would choose to take that stance on that of all days.”

Quigley said that Clinton blamed the Benghazi terror attack on a spontaneous protest when she met with Doherty’s loved ones.

“She’s had so many opportunities to just tell the truth. And had that happened from the beginning, Benghazi would be a distant memory.”

Via: FOX

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