Bernie Sanders just announced he’s running for president again.

He was interviewed today bragging about how the Democrats have adopted his radical views:

“I can tell you very happily, and I think any objective observer would confirm what I’m saying, is that in the last year and half or so, the Democratic Party has moved in a far more progressive direction than they were before I ran for president.”

Years ago, Sanders would straddle the fence on declaring his socialist roots but now he’s full-on proud of the far-left shift by Democrats.

His email to supporters today said it all in a nutshell:

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“Our campaign is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.”

In 1985, Sanders was captured on video saying breadlines are a ‘good thing’.

“You know, it’s funny, sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food,” Sanders said. “That’s a good thing. In other countries, people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food, and the poor starve to death.”

Sanders talks about transformation for America. Sound familiar? Remember the “fundamental transformation” Obama promised? America rejected that in 2016 when they elected Trump.

No Socialism for America!

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