Senator Bernie Sanders is such a con…He talks about how we’re going to have free this and free that but never talks about how it will be paid for. He must think money grows on trees.

Sanders has come out more and more lately to be the socialist he’s always been because it’s en vogue with the clueless young liberals who really do believe that money grows on trees. Notice how he calls for medicare for all and free college tuition…BUT not one person on the panel pressed him for how we would pay for it! He’s shaming Americans if they don’t agree with the “human right” to have this or that freebie. Amazing how he calls Republicans “intellectually bankrupt” when it’s clear he needs to read up on how to balance a budget.

Bernie’s all over the place badmouthing America and Republicans. Only in the liberal state of Vermont could someone who’s lived off of the government dole their entire life be reelected over an over without questioning their policies. Bernie has lived in the D.C bubble his entire life so he sees nothing wrong with giving your hard-earned money away. Free college? Free health care? Government jobs for all? What’s next? A free car for everyone? Sanders is the Oprah of big government except he’s using YOUR money to give away all of the freebies.


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It’s safe to say that socialists don’t really live on a little planet we like to call earth, having their heads firmly planted in the clouds, dreaming of a society governed by infallible elitists who know what’s best for all.

Yes, believe it or not, there are actually people in positions of power who really believe this pie-in-the-sky nonsense of big government playing parent. Like Sen. Bernie Sanders for example.

Sanders recently said his goal was to have a government job for everyone. Well, the good folks on Twitter wasted absolutely no time coming up with some new job category ideas to help the unabashed socialist reach his goal all the quicker.


via Twitchy:

There’s one aspect of that “plan” that remains unknown, which is how Sanders’ dream would be paid for. Also unknown are exactly what kind of federal jobs they would be. Fortunately, tweeters were happy to offer some suggestions and predictions for what #BernieJobs would be:

There’s some real zingers in there, wouldn’t you say?

What’s sad is that Sanders isn’t some hack who is using the socialist platform as a means of appealing to hardcore leftists. He actually, really, from the bottom of his heart, believes progressivism is the right course of action for our country.

Whether we should weep or scream in terror over that is up to you.


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