Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a proposal for a government takeover of energy production and appeared on MSNBC with Chris Hayes to discuss his plan.

He wants an aggressive takeover by government and a massive move to sustainable energy. When has the government done a great job at taking over anything? This is moving America towards more governmental control of everything, i.e., socialism.

Bernie seems irritated by the questions as he usually does when he’s being interviewed. Somehow, he doesn’t understand that not everyone thinks his ideas are the best for America.

Bernie played the same game with a student who asked a question:

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Senator Bernie Sanders is one grumpy old man who barks out responses when asked questions like he’s going out of his way to answer.

He’s the poster boy for the curmudgeonly liberal elite.

It’s as if he’s offended that you don’t get that his far-left policies are the way government should be.

Here’s the latest from Bernie who mocks a student for telling him to “practice what you preach” by limiting fossil fuel use:

“No, I’m not gonna walk to California.” – Bernie Sanders

Wait! Sanders just claimed we need to get rid of all fossil fuels, so how does he expect he’ll make it to California:

‘We must transition away from fossil fuel…Period…End of Discussion…There ain’t no middle grounds here.”


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