*Correction: Our original article’s title said the undocumented would be entitled to government benefits. The title should have read that the undocumented are entitled to “basic human rights” under a Sanders administration.

Bernie Sanders spoke yesterday about his plans for “rethinking” America. He threw out statistics about things he considers “basic human rights.”

Is housing a basic human right?

Sanders brought up the homeless and the people who cannot afford housing.

Is college a basic human right? Should Americans pay for those who have student debt?

He also discussed student debt and those who can’t afford college.

“What our campaign is about and what our administration will be about is rethinking America…understanding that all of our people…when I say all, I also mean the undocumented in this country. That all of our people are entitled to basic human rights.”

This is Bernie Sanders…a socialist who will tax hard-working Americans to death to pay for the things he considers “basic human rights.”

Bernie Sanders was recently confronted in New Hampshire for prioritizing illegals over legal American workers (see video below).

His agenda will take jobs away from the American workers he claims to want to help.

Sanders once agreed that illegal immigration drives down wages:

If the “open borders” advocates got their way, he once said, it would “substantially lower wages in this country.”

Sanders is now embracing the open borders agenda he used to criticize. This agenda puts illegals ahead of hardworking Americans.

Notice in the video below that Bernie never answered the question. He just blames Trump as a diversion:

President Trump doesn’t want to throw people back across the border. He wants people to come to the US legally!

Bernie Sanders called for a moratorium on all deportations (see video below). He even included dangerous criminal illegal immigrants and has pledged to shut down detention centers for illegals.

Sanders also promised to decriminalize border crossings for illegals.

Sanders committed to “breaking up” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection.

Is prioritizing the needs of illegals over legal Americans.

He even plans to tax American families making as little as $29,000 a year to pay for free health care for illegal immigrants:

Bernie Sanders claims to be a “Democratic” Socialist and has tried to explain exactly what that involves.

Nothing describes it better than the comment below from Sanders:

Bernie Sanders is raising taxes on American families making as little as $29,000 a year:

“Healthcare is expensive, we’ve got to pay for it.”

Bernie Sanders had made it his life’s ambition to try and make government bigger and bigger. He will never be the one to cut government waste.

In the video below,  the crazy crowd claps for more taxes!

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders said that he would raise taxes on anyone making over $29,000 a year to fund a government health care takeover during a speech at a town hall in Derry-Salem Elks in Salem, NH

The bigger question is, what will the illegals pay for the healthcare they’ve been promised by Bernie? The answer is frightening…he will give the illegals FREE healthcare:

Democrat Bernie Sanders is running to become the next POTUS in 2020, but you’d think he’s running to become the president of the millions of illegals who are living in America right now.

Sanders pandered to the huge population of people from around the globe who are squatting in America without going through the correct channels to become legal citizens. Why should they pass by others who are immigrating the right way?

During  Presidential Town Hall in Iowa sponsored by Newsmax and the League of United Latin Citizens, Newsmax reports that Senator Sanders promised a U.S. citizen that her husband and other illegal immigrants living in sanctuary in Missouri would be given “immediate legal status” and put on a path to citizenship:

“There are kids today who will go to school, and they are worried that when they got out of school and go home that their parents may not be there. We’re going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. We’re gonna end the ICE raids that are terrorizing communities, through executive order.”

Bernie has also said he will give free healthcare to illegals:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders doubled down to back FREE government health care and FREE public college for illegal immigrants when speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The problem with Bernie’s promises is that he thinks the American people will be just fine with higher taxes.

Does he also think Americans will be ok paying for the healthcare and college education of illegals?

He also told the Las Vegas crowd that he would call a moratorium on deportations of illegals:

What do you think about all the freebies to illegals?

Isn’t Sanders using the tax dollars of Americans to buy votes? It seems like it!

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