Bernie Sanders was interviewed by 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper and defended his past support of Communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro:

“It’s unfair to say everything is bad.”

In a clip shown during the interview, Sanders is saying Castro gave free healthcare and “educated the kids”…he totally “transformed” Cuba.

Sanders is now talking about “transforming” America with Medicare for all and with free college. Who pays for this?

During the interview, Anderson Cooper asks Bernie Sanders how he’ll pay for the ambitious new government programs he’s proposed:

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Cooper asks: “How much will that cost?”

Sanders finally answers: “$30 Trillion”

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When pressed for details, Sanders answers: ” I can’t rattle off to you every nickel and every dime”

Sanders has been criticized for his inability to articulate how he would pay for his government programs. He has the blanket answer of taxing billionaires, but that’s not a plan.

Cooper also mentions bills Sanders has passed in Congress:

“We tracked seven bills you passed in congress, and two of them were naming post offices.”

“We tracked seven bills you passed in congress, and two of them were naming post offices.”

Sanders is also on record saying he’ll tax anyone who makes over $29K a year.

If he’s elected, get ready to lose private health insurance and plan on being taxed a whole lot more to pay for Medicare for all.

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