Last night, during a Fox News town hall, hosted by Bret Bair and Martha MacCallum, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the Socialist-Democrat candidate for President in 2020 revealed the embarrassing hypocrisy of his socialist message to our youth.

Fox News host Bret Bair pointed out how Sanders’ tax returns show he’s in fact, a very wealthy public servant. “Your taxes do show that you’re a millionaire. You did make a million 2016 and in 2017.”  Bair told Sanders. “But your marginal tax rate 26% because of Donald Trump’s tax cuts. So, why not say, I’m leading this revolution, I’m not gonna take those?” Bair asked.

Sanders, who appeared to be stunned that Bair would call him out on his hypocrisy replied: “Pfft…come on…I am, I paid the taxes that I owe…why don’t you get Donald Trump up here and ask him how much he pays in taxes.”


Sanders was also asked about voting rights for rapists and murderers by Fox News host Martha MacCallum. Sanders told the Fox News host that murderers and rapists shouldn’t lose their voting rights because they are already “paying the price” in prison.

“Good question. In my state, I recently researched this. It turns out that in our Constitution in the state of Vermont for hundreds of years everybody has the right to vote, okay?” Sanders said. “I think you make this division, if somebody does something terrible, they’re a rapist or a murderer we send them away. Sometimes we send them away for life, but I also think that integral to who we are as Americans no matter what kind of terrible things you did, you’re paying the price. Maybe you’re in jail for the rest of your life, but you have the right to vote.”

WFB  – Sanders shifted his response to talking about the “cowardly Republican governors” and how he believes they are trying to “suppress the vote,” saying they are making it harder for people of color, poor people, and young people to vote. He then said that he doesn’t like it when politicians start pointing to different crimes and using them to keep people from voting.


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MacCallum followed up by asking, “Couldn’t they say the same thing about you and that you just want felons to vote because you think it would be better for you?”

“Oh, come on,” Sanders said.

“They could say the same thing, right?” MacCallum asked.

“One of the political problems that we are facing right now is the effort to deny people the right to vote and look, I have run for office many times. Sometimes I’ve lost. Sometimes I’ve won, but I don’t stay up nights trying to figure out how I can keep people from voting because they might vote against me,” Sanders said.

For the record, “paying” the price and “paid” the price are two entirely different things.

What do you think? Is Bernie Sanders really fooling our youth with his lies about wanting to punish the rich, when he, himself falls into that category? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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