Bernie Sanders publicly telegraphed to anyone who cared to listen to a blow by blow description of how the election was designed by Democrats to play out. This is why the Democrats didn’t campaign. The fix was in.

Listen to him describe in incredible detail two weeks ago exactly what is happening right now.

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Remember that Nancy Pelosi spoke with certainty right before the election that she was sure Joe Biden would win. The Democrats have been planning this, and anyone who doesn’t see it is blind.

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Key points to remember are that Democrats pushed the mail-in balloting using the coronavirus. They pushed the false narrative that people wouldn’t be able to vote in person when that is not the case.

If we let this coup stand, we will never have a chance to fix the system. In-person voting with ID is the way it should be. Many Americans don’t know the difference between absentee voting and mail-in voting. Absentee voting is when you are confirmed to be the voter. Mail-in voting is not confirmed, so this is why it’s open to fraud. This MUST NOT stand.


Mark Levin got to the point when he published a statement on the election saying that many of the “forces” that refused to accept the 2016 election have tried to manipulate this election. Several of the new voting procedures that Democrats fought for have resulted in very unusual delays in voting and vote-counting in key swing states.

Mark Levin’s statement:

Let’s step back. I’ve been hearing commentators trying to normalize all these changes to voting procedures and court interventions and acting like this has gone on throughout our history or was compelled by the virus. That’s clearly not true. Mail-in voting was pushed hard by the Democrats and they’ve filed scores of lawsuits to change the rules set by state legislatures. Unfortunately, activist courts have been more than happy to accommodate many of them and the Supreme Court failed to put its foot down. No, none of us recall a time like this when so many crucial state counts are delayed. There’s also a legitimate concern about backdoor voter harvesting in some areas. And we know for a fact that cities like Philadelphia have a problematic history. So let’s not pretend that this has been a routine election. Many of the same forces that rejected Trump’s 2016 election have tried to manipulate the system this time as well.

Mail-in voting is the culprit in this election. Democrats used the pandemic to try and make this process of voting legit. The truth is that it opened our voting system up for voter fraud like we’ve never seen.

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