A Bernie Sanders supporter, who also happens to be a Berkeley resident gave an exclusive interview to 100% Fed Up, where he explained how he became the unlikely target of the radical leftist, Antifa group after he stepped in to defend the free speech rights of a small minority group of Trump supporters.

Here is his story:

“They [were] calling Conservatives “Fascists” and “Nazis”, claiming that they support hate speech. I tried to act as a guard for some people. I got hit in the face with a shield, pushed down onto the concrete, pepper sprayed, and some dude spray painted my shirt as I walked away.”

“I only went in to try to protect people, people I know that identify as civic/American nationalists, and are against white nationalism/supremacy.

I was there when the Milo thing happened.

That pissed me off. Free speech in ruins.

So I started to associate with some of the conservatives.

I was worried, at times, that they might be “alt-right” in that way.

But it turns out they’re not. So I have no qualms with being friendly with them. They might have nutty ideas, some influenced by Alex Jones (of Info Wars).”

I asked the Berkely resident how the event initially came to be. He explained:

“There was a trans-woman named Amber Cummings. She was trying to organize an event, an anti-Marxist event. She really hates Marxism. She pulled out and canceled it though.”

When interviewed about the Berkeley event, Amber Cummings made the statement:

“White supremacy is not allowed at my rally. We do not want racist people there. We do not want hateful people there.” Cummings said her event is focused on free speech and seeks to criticize how “anti-American hatred” and “Marxism is being taught” at UC Berkeley. Cummings said she doesn’t think it’s right that she can’t walk on campus or through city streets with an American flag without getting harassed.

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The Bernie Sanders supporter explains how the left hijacked Amber’s event:

“People still came through. They don’t want to make plans and then be told to stay home and not stand up for free speech.

Truthfully, it was mostly locals that are against trump, which I fully support their right to do that.

There were very few conservatives there to attend the event.”

Sanders supporter went on to explain how, once things got heated, the police backed away from the situation and offered no protection to the small group of Trump supporters as they were being threatened by Antifa.

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Antifa marched in, then the police stepped back and only operated from outside of the large crowd that they couldn’t control.”

He also explains how there was no violence until, Soros-funded, Antifa thugs showed up.

“Well, before the huge wave of Antifa came in, people were only pushing people out, no violence. Technically it was force, but not violence. They were getting in peoples faces.”

I told the Sanders supporter that I thought it was unbelievable that he was beaten up and isn’t even a Trump supporter.

“Well, I was defending trump supporters.

I think people should be able to express their views, what they are, etc. without [the] threat of violence.

Freedom of speech is a classical liberal value, isn’t it?

Although he was eventually beaten bloody by Antifa, the Berkely resident explains how he refused to engage in violence while defending the Trump supporters’ right to free speech.

“But yeah, I didn’t do anything violent to anyone. I was only holding my arms out and trying to hold people who were being violent back.

I turned around after getting hit with a shield, gave them a look like “What the f*ck people?”

all in masks. One was a short woman, I was little shocked.”

When asked about the type of weapons they were using he replied:

“Sticks, wooden shields, pepper spray. That’s all I experienced.”

“The police could not see it. They were on the sidelines.”

But why were the police “on the sidelines”? Is this another case of the Berkeley mayor telling the police to stand down during Milo Yannopoulis’ free speech event at UC Berkeley?

I asked him how many Trump supporters were there and if any of them were armed.

“I would estimate 10-20 at most.

No, I didn’t see them armed. The people I know followed the orders of the police, did not enter the park with contraband.”

I also asked how many Antifa members were there.

“Antifa themselves, I would estimate like 40-50 masked individuals at least.”

He explained how the Antifa members were all wearing masks and were supported by hundreds of unmasked individuals.

He stated that Black Lives Matter and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) were also part of the organized, violent opposition.

He also spotted the radical Berkely middle-school teacher and convicted felon, Yvette Felarca, when he arrived at the rally. She was arrested and convicted of a felony for inciting violence at a rally in Sacramento in June of 2016.

Felarca is also a member of the radical BAMN group.

The interview ended with his final statement on the current political climate in our country.

“The moment we live in a good vs. bad world, it’s okay to be violent against people. People think that they have to destroy the bad to bring peace. I’m a little bit of a hippy. I’m in a spiritual program where we explore various themes of life. 

We call that False Peace.”

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