Students across America got to play hooky today for the National Walkout Day. They’re supposed to be protesting gun violence but the left hijacked the protest and made it about their anti-gun agenda. Vermont’s Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was there (video below) for his photo-op. He marched with students in DC to the US capitol…and so did his armed guards!

Students walked out of their schools in solidarity with the Parkland students who experienced the horror of a school shooting last month. They’re following the “activist” students at Parkland who blindly want gun control even though the failure to protect them was at all levels of government.

Socialist Bernie Sanders was part of a group of “progressive” congressmen who spoke before the crowd at the Washington, DC march.

Daily Caller reports:

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Sanders began a live stream of his speech on his Facebook page, which featured him wading through the crowd of cheering students and shaking hands. As Sanders traveled through the gun-control crowd, at least three heavily armed Capitol police officers could be seen protecting him and clearing a way for the Senator through the students. Multiple times in the live feed, the police can be heard asking the students to step back and move away from Sanders.

We’re with students protesting gun violence

Posted by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, March 14, 2018



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