The Democrats and the leftist media are going full force to stir up chaos and hate amongst Americans. The only way they can get their power back is to divide us.

Just listen to all of the leftists from his last rally last night in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders goes off in a hate-filled rant against President Trump. He called President Trump every bad name in the book and then said, “Let’s transform America!”

Do American voters want Socialism? Really?

Is Bernie calling half of America who voted for Trump in 2016 all of these horrible adjectives too? It sure seems like it.

The MSNBC panel goes nuts for Bernie and talks about how this is his time. It’s gag-inducing.  They compare him to a “Rock Star” – LOL!

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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham nailed it last night when she called out the lapdog media and the leftists for their hate and divisive rhetoric:

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