“A Trump presidency won’t only wipe out political correctness in America; it’ll wipe it off the face of the earth.”

Political correctness is destroying America, and Western civilization.

This year America celebrates her 240th birthday. If she is to make her tri-centennial in 2076, a feat few great nations in history have achieved, it will need to crush this totalitarian ideology that is currently strangling it.

obama you are fired

Every problem in America today is linked to political correctness. Declining educational standards, increasing secularism, the police not being allowed to do their job, an inability to secure her borders, a diminished America in the world theatre and reluctance to smash the evil of currently rampaging Islamism – all of it is rooted in politically-correct ideology. Nothing is more antithetical to America’s foundational principles.

Political correctness seeks to eliminate individualism, identity and confidence; three characteristics indispensable to American greatness. If you want to see the end result, look no further than Europe. The intellectual tyranny, self-loathing and choking conformity of this ideology has feminized and weakened a once great continent which now aspires to mediocrity. The same is true of America’s English-speaking cousins.

I write this not as an American.

But as somebody that wants Western civilization to prosper. Everyone has an investment in keeping the United States as culturally robust and powerful as imaginable, because the world’s fortunes travel with it. What is good for America is good for the world.

I am here to tell you I’ve lived your future, if you keep going, you’re not going to like it. It’s why I’ve written “Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness”.

The entire world looks on as Americans make their choice for president. The president of the United States is also the president of the free world. All of us have a stake. For example, people in Australia aren’t sleeping well right now because President Obama is not keeping the world safe. Change can’t come quickly enough for many around the world.

The world needs an American president that is clear-minded and right-thinking. That encourages a climate of straight talking and decisive action. That has the moral clarity to defend Christians and the West. An alpha male prepared to win for his people.

People are losing their jobs, missing out on opportunities and being targeted. What was born on college campuses has been armed through social media by electronic cockroaches that should never have been given a voice. The parameters of public debate have shrunk, and civil society’s ability to conduct rational, cool-headed conversations is being usurped by a crude marketplace of outrage and a new victimhood movement. Freedom is an obvious casualty of political correctness, but following close behind is truth and reality.

Many people around the world despair. But every now and again, a public figure emerges who transcends politics and has an undisputed ability to change the culture.

This is why the world needs to use its Trump card. He is uniquely positioned to change the culture of the world, and restore American greatness and Western confidence through attitude alone.

A President Trump would be the best thing, not only for America, but for the entire world.

Proud, confident, bold, patriotic, outspoken, self-reliant, mega-successful, charitable, a force of nature; Donald Trump is American exceptionalism on steroids.

For too long, America’s educational and media elites have relentlessly and recklessly portrayed America as a hateful place. It’s not. It’s the greatest country in this history of the world. But political correctness is giving it an identity crisis. Some may well call Donald Trump an egomaniac and his election to the highest office, risky – but right now, America needs an ego-boost. It needs to believe in itself again. Only then can there be an American renaissance.

Via: Nick Adams, for Townhall

Nick Adams is the brilliant author of Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness available on Amazon HERE

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