Chanel Pfahl, a Canadian teacher who is currently under investigation for opposing critical race theory on a Facebook group, recently posted a video from outside a school board meeting where a woke, angry mother bullied another adult in front of her child.

On Tuesday, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board held a meeting, with one of the agenda items being “lack of resources in schools for students on the asexual spectrum.”

In response to this Pfahl sarcastically tweeted, “About time someone thought about putting in place resources for the asexual children!”

Outside of the school board meeting, many LGBTQ supporters gathered. Pfahl shared a video of a confrontation with the crazed LGBTQ allies in which a woke bully hurled insults at another adult. Meanwhile, a child who appeared to be her daughter silently stood by as the mother set a horrible example.

It is unclear what prompted the confrontation, but Pfahl’s video began with a woman chanting “loser ex-nurse” over and over again at someone.

“You don’t have a job as a nurse anymore. Awe, you’re the loser ex-nurse!” she jeered.

“Look who couldn’t keep her job ’cause she doesn’t know anything about science,” she continued, mocking the woman who was not shown on the camera. “Nobody cares about what a loser ex-nurse has to say.”

“You’re a loser ex-nurse,” the woman obnoxiously chanted again and again.

As the woman was yelling insults, her daughter stood quietly next to her, draped in a transgender flag.

Sadly, the mother of this young girl acts like a petulant child herself. She is teaching her daughter to yell and scream when she doesn’t have anything intelligent to say, and will likely turn her daughter into a bully as well.

“As you can see the conversation was productive and fruitful tonight at the OCDSB. Some people just never grow out of their ‘schoolyard bully’ phase sadly,” Pfahl tweeted along with the video of the ridiculous scene.

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