Paul Joseph Watson explains why disgusting, moral-less “pop stars” like racist, semi-pornographic Beyonce and straight-up pornographic Lady Gaga were chosen to perform the half-time show for the Super bowl for America’s largest TV audience. The NFL chose these “pop-stars” because they’re the “celebrities” that are being pushed on us by the entertainment industry, and we’re buying it. We’ve sat back and made it possible for the Left to demoralize us, and make the most grotesque form of entertainment appear to be mainstream, thus making us believe that this vile way of life is our new reality…
“Popular culture is more vulgar, vapid, self-absorbed, hedonistic   and dehumanizing than at any other time in living memory. Culture is supposed to be uplifting. It’s supposed to infuse our lives with intrigue, lust of knowledge and appreciation for beauty. Instead, for the past two decades, pop culture has only served as   a sewer pipe of projectile diarrhea aimed directly at our gawking mouths.” 

“Our moral fabric is irreparably damaged…”


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