Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi did something that would be bad hygiene on a normal day but in the coronavirus times we live in, what she did is much more than just bad hygiene. While Americans are told to safely distance themselves and wear a mask, Pelosi disregards the basic rules of hygiene.

Let’s face it, our political elites don’t think the rules apply to them. The Chicago Mayor told citizens to stay home but went to get a hair cut ignoring the rule she placed on all citizens of Chicago. Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam traveled to his vacation home in North Carolina.

Watch the video below where Pelosi doesn’t even think twice about what she did:

Pelosi wipes her dripping nose with her bare, shivering hand and then wipes that hand all over the House floor podium used by all other members of Congress.

She wants to spend trillions of your money fighting China virus but can’t practice basic hygiene.

The scarf on Pelosi is being used as a mask:

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