Thousands of angry women took to the streets across America to counter the thousands of young Americans who marched yesterday the March For Life, a peaceful march that brings attention to the sanctity of life. The march takes place every year on January 20, to mark the anniversary of the controversial Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in America. While the media barely gave these young kids and young adults a mention in their news broadcasts, liberal media can’t get enough of the pro-abortion, pussy hat wearing, Trump hating, feminazis who carry vulgar signs, scream for abortion rights, and protest hate, while simultaneously spewing unbridled hate for President Trump, a man who just gave them the lowest unemployment numbers in 17 years. President Trump took to Twitter to troll the women who marched today with this tweet:

The best part of the day, however, had to be when this guy flew over the crowd dragging a sign behind him that asked, “WHERE’S MY DAMN DINNER?”  A woman who identifies herself only as “V” on Twitter posted this picture with the message: “The gonads of this guy”

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The second best tweet came from conservative actor James Woods, who destroyed this woman who held an embarrassing sign at the Women’s March today:

This Twitter user claims women’s march numbers are down 40% from last year. Here’s his explanation:

US Senate candidate Craig R. Brittain(R-AZ) claims he has sources that tell him the majority of women marching are PAID protesters, and that they’re making an average of $500/pp to march.

For anyone who’s not paying attention, here’s a great video

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