There’s so much to know in order to understand just how bad the Uranium One scandal is to what’s happening now with the Fake Russia probe by Comey. Once you understand the connections and the details of it, you realize it’s HUGE!

It’s not just the Clinton grifters but Obama, the FBI and the DOJ!

And at the heart of it is not just the greedy, grasping Clintons, but the Obama Administration, the FBI and the DOJ.

Andrew McCarthy does a masterful job of breaking down the entire scandal from beginning until now.

McCarthy breaks it all down for you.

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You’ll be shocked to know that the same people investigating the phony Trump/Russia “collusion” were aware of the Uranium One scam AND even helped to cover it up!


Here’s just a little of what Andy McCarthy explains to us in his summary:

Here’s the kicker: The Uranium One scandal is not only, or even principally, a Clinton scandal. It is an Obama-administration scandal.

The Clintons were just doing what the Clintons do: cashing in on their “public service.” The Obama administration, with Secretary Clinton at the forefront but hardly alone, was knowingly compromising American national-security interests. The administration green-lighted the transfer of control over one-fifth of American uranium-mining capacity to Russia, a hostile regime — and specifically to Russia’s state-controlled nuclear-energy conglomerate, Rosatom. Worse, at the time the administration approved the transfer, it knew that Rosatom’s American subsidiary was engaged in a lucrative racketeering enterprise that had already committed felony extortion, fraud, and money-laundering offenses.

This next part is even worse:

The Obama administration also knew that congressional Republicans were trying to stop the transfer. Consequently, the Justice Department concealed what it knew. DOJ allowed the racketeering enterprise to continue compromising the American uranium industry rather than commencing a prosecution that would have scotched the transfer. Prosecutors waited four years before quietly pleading the case out for a song, in violation of Justice Department charging guidelines. Meanwhile, the administration stonewalled Congress, reportedly threatening an informant who wanted to go public.

Read more here: Andy McCarthy

Once you read the entire summary you’ll know just how bad this entire scandal is and how the Obama administration covered it all up.





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