Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made an appearance in Atlanta supposedly to discuss COVID, but it was really more about them. During the stop, the bumbling ‘president’ kept looking at a piece of paper and then said, “I wanted to yield to my Vice President, who’s smarter than I am.” Wow! A truthful answer coming from Biden is a rarity.

Harris immediately tried to answer back with a cute quip, but then came the Kamala cackle. The least liked candidate in the 2020 election probably needs to pinch herself for being a VP to a guy like Biden, all go-along-to-get-along with the far-left.

Biden has called Kamala harris “president” on several occasions. Is Beta Male Biden rolling over to let Harris take the reigns? Sure looks like it.

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It sounds a little like this:

This is a president who has a very hard time reading a teleprompter. No wonder he hasn’t held a press conference in 60 days!

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