As if Beto O’Rourke wasn’t off the rails enough with his doomsday talk (see below), a poem from 1988 has surfaced confirming the guy is out there.

A poem called ‘The Song of the Cow’ was written by O’Rourke in 1988 under the pseudonym ‘Psychedelic Warlord’

Writing under the now-exposed pseudonym “Psychedelic Warlord,” a teen-aged O’Rourke appears to be the author of a poem titled “The Song of the Cow,” published in 1988 by “cDc (Cult of the Dead Cow) communications.”

“I need a butt-shine,” the poem begins … and it really all just goes downhill from there:
I need a butt-shine,
Right now
You are holy,
Oh, sacred Cow
I thirst for you,
Provide Milk.

Buff my balls,
Love the Cow,
Good fortune for those that do.
Love me, breathe my feet,
The Cow has risen.

Wax my ass,
Scrub my balls.
The Cow has risen,
Provide Milk.
The poem, for better or for worse, has been preserved forever by the Google Wayback Machine as a part of the group’s former website, Here’s a screengrab of the entire poem:


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Never underestimate the power of a lefty to get people to behave like lemmings.

In fact, Beto O’Rourke’s entire mantra is like an epic cultish warning of the end of the world if you don’t buy into the ‘Green New Deal.’

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Yes, Beto predicts that the world will end in 10-12 years if we don’t blindly accept the ‘Green New Deal’ ASAP. This is the same mantra that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been repeating since she came to Congress even though it’s been shot down by anyone with half a brain.

A sample of O’Rourke’s pitch: ‘Some will criticize the Green New Deal for being too bold or being unmanageable. I tell you what: I haven’t seen anything better that addresses this singular crisis we face, a crisis that could at its worst lead to extinction. Literally, not to be melodramatic, but the future of the world depends on us, right now, here where we are. There will be people who can no longer live in the cities that they call home today. There is food grown in the country that will no longer prosper in these soils. There is going to be a massive migration of tens or hundreds of millions of people from countries that are literally uninhabitable or underwater, that are above the sea right now. This is our final chance. The scientists are absolutely unanimous on this, that we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis.’

The video clip of the last part of O’Rourke’s doomsday warning:

O’Rourke said he doesn’t “necessarily” think having hundreds of thousands of illegals at our border is a problem. In fact, he’s stated in the past that he would tear down the walls at the border.

Here’s a part of O’Rourke’s doomsday speech from this morning:

In other words, this guy is the opposite of what America needs right now.

O’Rourke’s announcement:

Drama queen!

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