Pardoning the Black Panthers will just be the tip of the iceberg for this radical President. Look for prison doors to be flung open across America, in his final act of “screw you White America,” as he exits the White House, with a lifetime of Secret Service protection…

The day after PBS aired a controversial documentary about the Black Panthers that said there are still many members of the violent cop-killing movement in prison, Hollywood liberal Bette Midler turned to social media to call on President Barack Obama to pardon them.

PBS is taking heat for the documentary that looks admirably upon the militant organization, painting them as a civic organization that fed the hungry and helped the poor.

In the description of a preview, PBS stated:

“A new revolutionary culture emerged in the turbulent 1960s, and the Black Panther Party was at the vanguard. Weaving together a treasure trove of rare footage with the voices of a diverse group of people who were there, Stanley Nelson tells the vibrant story of a pivotal movement as urgent today as it was then.”

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The left understands how critical it is for the success of the Democratic Party for black voters to turn out in November without Obama on the ballot and what better way to drive racial discord than Midler’s suggestion:

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The scary thing is, Obama will not go quietly in his final year in office and Midler’s idea is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities that he may consider.

Perhaps the songstress, worth an estimated $230 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, can take in some of the militants should they be freed — a common theme in the reactions from social media users.

Here’s how Americans responded to Bette Midler’s idiocy on Twitter:

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