While nail and hair salons across America suffer through the financial devastation of remaining closed during the coronavirus crisis, the rules in Beverly Hills, California tell a different story:

The coronavirus crisis put a stop to plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California, on March 16th, and now that moratorium has been lifted.

The Beverly Hills, California City Council just voted to repeal the moratorium on elective and cosmetic surgeries even though Governor Gavin Newsom’s order doesn’t allow them.

With a 4-1 majority vote, plastic surgeons will be allowed to open their doors for surgeries.

Fox LA reports: Councilmember John Mirisch was the lone vote against the repeal, and had this to say about the vote:

“It’s bad policy and it’s irresponsible. The motion was made to just basically rescind the protections we’ve taken more than a month ago, and open up those floodgates. Not only does it send the wrong message, it’s just the wrong thing to do at this time, I think.”

Mirisch says he has a problem “allowing purely elective cosmetic surgery so rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, Botox, that sort of thing. I don’t think people need Botox now. I think that can wait. I don’t think people need liposuction. I don’t think people need face jobs, especially when you’re supposed to be covering your face.”

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arash Moradzadeh, says:

“While Botox may not be as important, we can still conduct that in a very safe manner. People need these procedures because it helps them feel better, and feeling better is very important right now when we’re taking such a psychological impact of being stuck at home or losing our jobs.”

City Council member Mirisch believes California Governor Gavin Newsom could overturn the Beverly Hills ordinance: “It’s very possible we’re going to get an executive order where it’s not just a recommendation or a guideline, but the Governor forbids that, and in that case, we’re gonna have to adhere to what the state actually says.”


After CNN’s Brooke Baldwin belittled California barbershop owner Juan Desmarais for opening his shops (see video below), he appeared on Tucker Carlson to make a case for defying Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown.

Desmarais delivered a line that perfectly depicts the differences in how Americans have been dealing with the coronavirus crisis:

“We’re all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.”


Primo’s Barbershop owner, Desmarais, was referring to the difference in CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin’s experience in dealing with the virus and his desperation to stay in business.

Desmarais reopened on Friday and received a cease and desist order, but vowed to continue working in his Vacaville, CA barbershop:

The barbershop was booked with customers:

The barbers are all wearing masks and gloves:

The interview with a perfectly coifed Brooke Baldwin:

What do you think about small businesses forced to stay closed when big-box retailers like Costco and Walmart remain open?


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