There are 75,758 white people living in Detroit, Michigan. If one of those white residents who pay taxes and supports local businesses in their community wants to attend the AfroFuture Fest, they must pay $10 for an early bird seat, while “persons of color” or POC, may attend the event free of charge.

If you’re a “person of color,” and you make your purchase after July 17th, you will pay $20 for a ticket, or half the price a white person is required to pay ($40 per ticket) to attend the event.

Close your eyes and imagine the media frenzy if a local festival in the mostly white Grosse Pointe, MI, that borders on the city of Detroit, was hosting a festival that was charging more for “people of color,” while allowing white people to attend the event free of charge.

From the Daily Caller – Detroit youth music festival is offering different ticket prices for different races, leading one rapper to withdraw from the event.

The event organizers make no apologies for their decision. In fact, on the Eventbrite ticket site, they double down on ignorance, by explaining their racist decision to charge white people more. The organizers explain that ticket prices are higher for white people because of ‘equity,’ explaining that “Equity is inspiring everyone has what they need to be successful.” Like free tickets to an event? The incredible explanation continues, stating that they’ve seen “too many times orgasmic events” happening in Detroit and other cities populated with “POC” where people outside the community benefit the most because of their “proximity to wealth.”

So,  where’s the “equity” for poor people who live in the city of Detroit?


Detroit-based rapper Jillian Graham, who goes by the stage name Tiny Jag, withdrew from the event on account of the race-based prices.

“Tiny Jag wants everyone to understand the effort to black empowerment is a mutual goal but not at the expense of morale,” a spokeswoman for the rapper told the DCNF.

Tiny Jag Instagram photo

“I was immediately enraged just because I am biracial,” Graham told the Detroit Metro Times on Thursday.

“I have family members that would have, under those circumstances, been subjected to something that I would not ever want them to be in … especially not because of anything that I have going on,” said Graham, who performed at last year’s event.

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