The Biden Administration chose to further submit itself to China’s Communist Party in an address by Antony Blinken

Choosing to further submit itself to the whim and interests of Communist China, the Biden Administration’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken restated in an address that the US will not break away from the Chinese economy, nor enter any conflict with the genocidal Communist regime.

Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping
picture alliance / dpa | Lintao Zhang / Pool

While China’s Communist Party continues to abuse human rights, commit genocide, and threaten the existence of Taiwan (an integral producer of computer hardware used everywhere from consumer goods to military technology,) Blinken reiterates that the official policy he crafted for the Biden regime is one of coexistence with the cruel Communists.

We will continue to be dependent on their economy, rather than combat it and put American economic interests first as President Trump did. We will not step in to condemn human rights violations by their regime. We will not do anything to upset the CCP. Why? Because they’re “integral” to global progress.

“There’s simply no way to solve climate change without China’s leadership, the country that produces 28 percent of global emissions,” Blinken said.

“China is also integral to the global economy and to our ability to solve challenges from climate to COVID. Put simply, the United States and China have to deal with each other for the foreseeable future.”

“Even as we invest, align, and compete, we’ll work together with Beijing where our interests come together,” he continued. “We can’t let the disagreements that divide us stop us from moving forward on the priorities that demand that we work together, for the good of our people and for the good of the world.”

Or, in other words, America last, China and the globalist agenda first.

Some may speculate that the true reason for the Biden Administration buddy-ing up to China has nothing to do with COVID-19 (their gift to the world) or climate change (which even liberal environmentalists believe China contributes drastically to) but has to do with Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China. In either case, the Biden Administration is conveniently appeasing themselves, China, and other globalists all at once while human rights and American manufacturing interests will suffer the most.

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