It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden is one of the front runners in the race for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

He’s committed gaffe after gaffe at almost every campaign stop. He’s lucky that the media is protecting him and that he has name recognition with low information voters.

His latest campaign appearance delivered an unforced error when he acknowledged that President Trump had kept his promises. That’s probably something he might not want to admit, but he did:

Former Vice President Joe Biden:  “Look what’s happening now: Iowa’s growing, Iowa’s moving” during a campaign appearance in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Joe Biden campaigns for President Trump! Who knew?!

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Biden also recently told an activist during a campaign appearance in Arizona to vote for President Trump!

The audience at a Joe Biden campaign gathering in South Carolina turned out to be full of anti-deportation activists who want open borders. One activist demanded that Biden apologize for “immigrant” deportations during the Obama years. These people ARE NOT immigrants…they ARE illegal aliens!

They took over the event and Joe looked like a deer in the headlights.

The group kept chanting and interrupting Biden with screams of “not one more deportation.” The audience turned on Joe after he says that deportation is appropriate if “you commit a felony.” If you commit a felony? How about the fact that they broke the law when they illegally crossed our border!

This is what the Democrats have created with their open borders policy. The illegals are pushing for more and more…

The protest from another angle:


Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson hilariously go over the huge gaffes Joe Biden made at the latest Democratic debate.

As Tucker Carlson says, he’s gone from scorn to pitty when it comes to Joe Biden.

Mark Steyn brilliantly describes the way Joe Biden handles different situations.


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