On Sunday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden reached a final agreement on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, upsetting many House Republicans.

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

After agreeing on a deal that will temporarily suspend the nation’s $31.4 trillion debt ceiling until Jan. 1, 2025, Biden and McCarthy are working to garner support from both parties in Congress to pass this measure in the upcoming week.

On Sunday evening, Biden and McCarthy publicly discussed the legislation and urged Congress to approve it before the June 5 deadline.

“The agreement prevents the worst possible crisis, a default, for the first time in our nation’s history,” said Biden, speaking from the White House. “Takes the threat of a catastrophic default off the table.”

Directing his statements to Congress, Biden said, “The speaker and I made clear from the start that the only way forward was a bipartisan agreement.”

“I strongly urge both chambers to pass that agreement,” he added.

Speaking to reporters at the U.S. Capitol, McCarthy said, “This is a good strong bill that a majority of Republicans will vote for. You’re going to have Republicans and Democrats be able to move this to the president.”

Despite Biden and McCarthy’s optimism, this agreement has received criticism from both the Republican and Democrat parties.

On Twitter, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) denounced the deal, writing,

“Fake conservatives agree to fake spending cuts. Deal will increase mandatory spending ~5%, increase military spending ~3%, and maintain current non-military discretionary spending at post-COVID levels. No real cutes to see here.

Conservatives have been sold out once again!”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Tx.) blasted the deal along with the Republican lawmakers, including McCarthy, who are suggesting Democrats aren’t getting anything from the bill.

In a series of tweets, Roy wrote,

“There are members of the GOP claiming Democrats got nothing from the “deal.” Oh Really? 1) An uncapped debt ceiling with no expiration date – worth approximately $4 trillion…? 2) basically no cuts – a freeze at bloated 2023 spending level?

3) ZERO claw back of the $1.2 Trillion “inflation reduction act” crony giveaways to elite leftists for grid-destroying unreliable energy…? 4) 98% of the IRS expansion left fully in place…? 5) no work requirements for Medicaid? – & only age adjustments for TANF/SNAP…?


6) no REINS act statutory requirement for congress to approve huge regulations – just an “administrative” paygo that the administration will get to enforce? 7) No border security!! – & a deal allowing them to avoid policy riders in the fall…”

Some Democratic lawmakers have also expressed some skepticism regarding the bill.

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) said on “Fox News Sunday” that he has not yet made up his mind on the bill.

“Is this really the way we want to do business as a country going forward?” Himes asked. “This is not how we’re supposed to actually pass legislation in the Congress.”

“I have not made up my mind. The whole enterprise is a corrupt enterprise in terms of legislating this way,” Himes added. “I’m gonna listen to what the president’s and his people’s arguments are, but no, I’m anything but a clear yes vote at this point.”

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