“Big News from the CDC…”…Does anyone listen to the CDC anymore, and does anyone trust the CDC anymore?

The CDC and White House announced an end to wearing a mask today for some reason, but you have to be vaccinated.  Just yesterday, John Kerry was fully masked while testifying on the Hill. Now, it’s suddenly ok to drop the mask? This should have been done long ago and has been going on in some states where Americans aren’t behaving like sheep.

Of course, leftists freaked out on social media and announced they would still wear a mask everywhere. Many leftists pointed at Republicans who they claim will go maskless without a vaccine:

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-“Fully vaccinated, but I’m gonna keep wearing my mask. I don’t trust anti-vaxxers; I don’t trust new/mutated strains. I’m happy with the progress but NERVOuS AF … please keep wearing a mask.”

Savvy claimed it’s “considerate” to wear a mask…She’s a virtue-signaling queen!

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Another virtue-signaling queen said wearing a mask is an “act of courtesy”…

-“Wearing a mask is an act of courtesy, and America’s hyper-individualistic culture is hurting the entire world.”

One interesting take on why the mask order ended:

-“They are trying to get people to go back to work. It’s not a coincidence that this complete mask-wearing 180 happens just days after a shameful jobs report. Clown world.”

The White House announced the “big news” from the CDC:

Big news from the CDC: If you’re fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask – indoors or outdoors, in most settings.

We’ve gotten this far. Whether you choose to get vaccinated or wear a mask, please protect yourself until we get to the finish line.

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