On Wednesday, Joe Biden mocked reporters as they tried to ask him questions after a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Just 14 days away from midterm elections, Biden continues to avoid answering reporters’ questions. Not only did Biden ignore reporters’ questions, but he also appeared to mock them, laughing and mimicking talking.

After the meeting concluded, reporters began to shout out questions at POTUS. At the same time, Biden’s aides began shouting at the reporters to get them out of the room before they are able to actually ask the president any questions.

As Biden’s handlers yelled at the reporters, who were trying to ask questions, the president raised his eyebrows and mimicked the reporters. He then turned to the Israeli president and laughed.

The White House correspondent for Bloomberg News, Nancy Cook, reported,

“The Biden WH seems *particularly intent* on the press not asking any q’s of POTUS 14 days out from the midterms, w/WH aides screaming in the faces of reporters who try to ask Biden q’s following each event today.”

Biden has been avoiding reporters’ questions for the entirety of his presidential career.

In 2021, White House reporters launched a “formal objection” to Biden’s refusal to take questions. After a meeting with former British PM Boris Johnson at the White House, British reporters were permitted to ask questions, but, when it came time for U.S. reporters to ask questions, Biden’s aides began screaming at the reporters that it was time to leave.

Biden is so unfit to answer questions from reporters that require him to think for himself that he has a set list of pre-approved reporters to call on. Biden revealed this at a press conference in July.

Ultimately, it is an embarrassment that the President of the United States is not capable of answering questions that he is not prepared for.

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