He’s at it again…Joe Biden, who almost daily gives Americans a reason to ask, what the hell is this guy doing in the White House, made a bizarre re-entry into a room filled with adoring so-called journalists, who were already packing up their equipment and leaving the press conference.

Today, at the conclusion of another press conference turned love-fest, Biden, who wasn’t asked any questions about Dr. Fauci-stein, left the room as a reporter shouted, “Are you still confident in Dr. Fauci?” Several members of Biden’s staff followed him through a door on the side of the room where he spoke to the media. Members of the media can be seen packing up their gear when several seconds later, Joe Biden bizarrely popped his head around the corner of the door to respond, “Yes, I’m very confident in Dr. Fauci.” Laughter broke out amongst the adoring media as Joe left the room.

Both Biden and Fauci have been in the news all week.

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Biden has been making the news for his strange comments to little girls during speeches.

Dr. Fauci has been making the news after emails released as part of an FOIA have revealed that he’s not quite the honest “expert” most Americans trusted when he suddenly became the face of the COVID pandemic in America.

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Senator Rand Paul is a hero for bravely going after Dr. Fauci and demanding the “COVID expert” answer for his reckless policies that destroyed economies, ruined the lives of many including business owners who lost everything they’ve worked so hard for, and caused millions of students to suffer from isolation and lack of a proper education.

While Republican lawmakers are denouncing Dr. Fauci-stein, Democrats like Joe Biden stand firmly behind the man who ruined our economy and gave Democrats the opportunity to blame President Trump for the pandemic only months before the November election.

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