While the Biden administration does everything possible to turn the page on Afghanistan, there are six planes loaded with evacuees held at the airport in Afghanistan. A satellite image of the six planes at the airport:

The media and the White House are spinning everything and even discounting the number of Americans still trapped. Reports that the State Department threw up roadblocks that prevented the plains from departing were followed up with reports that the Taliban is holding the people in the planes hostage:

Mike McCaul (R-TX) spoke with Fox News’s Chris Wallace and sounded the alarm that planes with Americans are currently being held hostage at a Taliban-controlled airport.

McCaul seemed frustrated with Wallace, who didn’t seem to want to understand that Americans are in danger right now. Wallace replied to McCaul’s assertion that zero Americans have gotten out of Afghanistan by saying, ‘I’m sorry, the answer to your question is zero?’

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McCaul enlightens Wallace by telling him that there are 6 airplanes at the airport that the Taliban won’t let out. The Taliban is making demands before the hundreds of people can leave.

Sooo…The answer is ZERO Americans have gotten out of Afghanistan since the withdrawal.

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CBS has confirmed the news of the hostage situation:

Another frightening situation that Biden has gotten America into.

The Biden Chief of Staff admits there is no plan to get Americans out of Afghanistan:

The Biden regime refuses to come clean with the American people, but the American people deserve answers.

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