Biden’s latest gaffe in Israel is his most offensive one yet as he “honors” the Holocaust

In his latest gaffe, Joe Biden manages to say the most offensive thing imaginable in the most unappreciative place on earth. to say it.

Initially, Biden vows to “honor” the Holocaust. Not the victims, mind you, but the genocide itself. As if the systematic murder of 6 million Jews and another 5 million other peoples is something honorable.

Of course, this is a gaffe and it is unlikely that Biden actually believes in honoring a genocide. However, it is still a dreadful gaffe to make. And in Israel of all places, while trying to talk about the memory of the victims.

“I will once more return to the hallowed ground of Yad [stutters] Vashem to honor 6 million Jewish lives stolen in the genocide. And continue, which we must do every, every day, continue to bear witness. To keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust–horror of the Holocaust, honor those we lost…”

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Even without the mispronunciations and the massive, glaring gaffe, Biden’s speech sounded hollow to many.

Biden’s trip to Israel was meant to strengthen ties and reaffirm commitments to our allies in the region. However, when he starts the trip by getting off the plane and asking “what am I doing now…”

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Biden has also announced that we will restore funding to Palestine, whom uses the funding to give salaries to convicted terrorists and their families, and to launch terrorist attacks on the state of Israel.

Meanwhile, Biden claims that America’s relationship with Israel is “deeper and stronger” he believes, “than it’s ever been.”

Biden will serve neither American interests, nor the interests of Israel. Sending American money during an economic crisis to a country openly hostile towards us and our closest allies is not a winning strategy.

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