Joe Biden doesn’t like it when things aren’t all staged perfectly. It’s evident that a campaign tracker from the conservative political action committee America Rising was making him bristle during a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh. Watch the video below and you’ll see “Uncle” Joe Biden turn off the charm and let his temper flare:

“You’re a real prick, you know that?”

Also, throughout the video, a woman throws her hands up to try and block the camera.

The former vice president is testing the water to potentially make a run against President Trump in 2020. He’s been bashing the president consistently behaving as if this is not the America he knows. He wants voters to think he’s the good guy that will reduce America from Trump…The only problem is that we’re not falling for any of the BS from these career politicians. We’re not buying the supposed civility Biden is selling and we certainly don’t need be rescued from the roaring economy and a time of peace in America.

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Joe Biden is damaged goods and was when he ran with Obama. President Trump is doing a bang up job so Joe needs to go home and enjoy his retirement.



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