Many people wonder about the cognizance and sanity of Joe Biden.  We recently reported on Biden’s bumbling through World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ Tagline: Build Back Better.

But, that wasn’t all.  Watching his speech yesterday made it clear that, like any other mediocre actor, he is completely depended on teleprompters to deliver his lines.  And even then, Sleepy Joe is so tired he frequently drops syllables and words as he trails off during his sentences.  Then, when he perks up again, he often becomes more emphatic in his unintelligible statements.  One such emphatically unintelligible  moment came when Biden declared: “Now we’re on Mars discovering vaccines gave us the Internet and so much more!”

“Now we’re on Mars discovering vaccines gave us the Internet and so much more!”

We aren’t exactly sure how to properly punctuate this bumbled declaration.  Are we on Mars discovering vaccines?  Did discovering vaccines give us the Internet?  When did vaccines get discovered, exactly? Were they hiding somewhere? Weren’t they invented centuries ago?

Does Biden bother to comprehend what his handlers are telling him to say, or is half his brain on autopilot while the other half takes a nap during events like this?

Here is the exact moment at around the 42-minute mark of the C-SPAN coverage.

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