White House Covid Coordinator Jeffrey Zients told Jake Tapper during Sunday’s State of the Union that “CDC guidance across time will ALLOW vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask.”

The Biden administration and CDC are nudging Americans to slowly accept a system in which only vaccinated people will have more privileges like taking off the mask. This is not what America is about because free will should be what is accepted. All Americans should be free NOT to get the covid vaccination and not fear that their freedoms will be taken away.

What about the person who has antibodies against covid? What about young people who are at close to zero risk of being hospitalized with covid? What about just objecting to getting the shot for any other reason?

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Freedom from getting the vaccination and not being punished for it must be an option.

Government and the CDC both need to back off and let go of the control they so desperately want to keep.

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