Yesterday, we reported about how cocaine was found inside the White House library on Sunday evening.

Officials say the area it was discovered in is only accessible to White House staff and guests.

DC Draino tweeted:

“Hunter is a coke head.

Hunter can enter the White House w/fewer security precautions than other visitors.

He just left w/Joe Biden for Camp David the weekend.

The coke was found this weekend.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here.”

Kyle Becker also Tweeted about the incident, “Hunter Biden was last seen on the White House grounds on Friday, when he was spotted climbing into the presidential SUV to join his family at Camp David over the July 4 weekend.” Becker continued,

“There has been speculation that Hunter Biden now ‘lives’ at the White House, following Biden’s pronouncement that no one will limit Hunter Biden’s visits to the White House. However, the White House has been exposed as keeping Hunter Biden off the visitor logs, despite the Obama administration having recorded his visits.”

“Cocaine was found at the White House, and Hunter Biden currently lives at the White House,” one commentator remarked. “FBI has no clue who it belongs to. Anyone want to help them?”

Hunter, his wife, and toddler son joined America’s illegitimate “President” and his enabling wife, Jill, on the balcony at the White House last night to watch the fireworks. The video shows Hunter walking behind his step-mom Jill while putting his left hand up to his face and then wiping his nose as he walks out from behind her.

In another clip, Hunter is seen with a wet face (sweat?) and he appears agitated as he approaches his wife and toddler son. Social media users are claiming his bizarre behavior is what would expect from someone under the influence of cocaine. You be the judge:

The two videos have been spliced together and slowed down at the part where Hunter emerges from behind Jill’s back:

“Travis in Flint” nailed it with this tweet that summarizes the last few days with Hunter, the cocaine in the White House, and the double standard of the coverage the media when it comes to the Biden Crime family: 

Media: An unknown substance was found at the White House.


Media Next day: The substance was Cocaine and it was found in the West Wing where the President and his inner circle are.

Next day: Hunter Biden gets caught on camera and appeared to be snorting cocaine at the White House.

Media 1 hour later: THE COCAINE WAS FOUND IN A CUBBY FOR VISITORS AND TOURS. IT’S NOT HUNTERS! It must be so easy to be a Biden when the media will always cover for you.

This hilarious image is a brutal reminder of what Americans have been forced to accept with the crooked Biden family living in the White House.

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