After a disastrous press conference where Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas more or less admitted that the current administration is incapable of preventing the current flood of illegal immigrants, one former Border Patrol Chief speculated that criminal cartels would step in to limit illegal immigration.

Allowing cartels to determine how many illegal immigrants come in to the United States is extremely embarrassing and unprecedented in United States history.

Former Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem speculated that cartels will step in to limit the flood of migrants if they believe that it interferes with their human-trafficking business, which he says will happen if the current unsustainable situation at the border continues.

The situation at the southern border has become increasingly dire as the United States has already faced unprecedented levels of illegal immigration since Biden has taken office with no signs of abatement in the near future.

As the Biden administration has completely abdicated its responsibility to protect the border, state governments have been forced to take over the role.

Videos have already emerged of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas National Guard fortifying the border and apprehending dozens of immigrants attempting to cross illegally.

One video shows Texas DPS and Texas National Guardsmen deploying razor wire fences in anticipation of the repeal of Title 42, which is set to expire in just hours and catalyze another mass wave of illegal immigration.

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While many officials have warned that the end of Title 42 Thursday night will usher in chaos at the southern border and a surge of illegal migration, former Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem suggested that order will be maintained by an unlikely source: Mexican cartels.

Clem, who has twenty-seven years of federal law enforcement experience, argued that because chaos will hinder their operations, cartels will keep things under control to ensure they are able to continue functioning.

“People that are really orchestrating this do not want to make it any more painful,” Clem said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “There’s money to be made every time a person crosses the border”

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