Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein was interviewed by anti-Trump hack Chris Wallace on Sunday. When Wallace broke from his usual softball interview style to ask a serious question, Bernstein struggled to answer Wallace.

Wallace had asked why Joe Biden is killing 11 thousand “current good-paying jobs” for his climate agenda. Didn’t Wallace a chance to ask the same question of Joe Biden when he was running? Wallace must be suffering from a convenient case of amnesia. Who doesn’t remember that Biden went from telling the truth about killing thousands of jobs (see below) to lying about it to get elected?

In the interview, Wallace describes the Keystone Pipeline’s devastating job losses to the Biden adviser:

“But Jared, I mean, the fact is that the Keystone Pipeline is going to kill 11,000 jobs. A thousand right now already 10,000 that were planned, and that’s the argument that critics make. They say you’re killing current good-paying jobs for the prospect of jobs down the line. Here is the governor of Montana this week.”

A video clip of the Governor of Montana describing the Biden move as devastating is played:

“This Keystone XL Pipeline is a lifeline for rural Montana. It would have generated over a hundred million dollars a year in taxes to help us pay for schools, law enforcement, infrastructure. This is devastating.”

Wallace points out to Bernstein that the governor said that “when the president signed that executive order, the workers on the Keystone Pipeline packed up their lunch pails and went home.”

Bernstein gives a non-answer by pointing out that Trump had a very low unemployment rate before the pandemic:

“Look, we haven’t had the Keystone Pipeline in place for a long time, and we certainly had, you know, a very low unemployment rate before the crisis hit.”

He continues by claiming the “market” is going in that direction already by citing GM’s move toward battery-powered cars:

“Not only are there many more jobs in the climate agenda. but this is something where the market is already moving in this direction.”

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so devastating to thousands of Americans because this Biden adviser is supposedly a “strong advocate for workers” but apparently not for pipeline workers:

His Wikipedia info: From 2009 to 2011, Bernstein was the Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama Administration. He was considered to be a progressive and “a strong advocate for workers.”

During the Democratic debate in December of 2019, Joe Biden was asked if he’s willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs for Green New Deal policies, and he answered “yes.”

Biden is pandering to the climate change goons who have demanded that the government adopt the Green New Deal.

Watch below as he firmly says he’d be willing to put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work:

Biden then lied and flip-flopped when it came close to the election. Is anyone surprised?

The climate scam is being promoted by ‘progressives’ like Bernstein who is in cahoots with Biden’s green agenda goon John Kerry. These elitists don’t care about the American worker. All they care about is using the green scam to redistribute wealth and push America closer to socialism.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the photo below:

This is the guy saying your Jeep is polluting the Earth too much…


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